Monday, November 9, 2009


I finally got my REAL blog up and running here:
I'll keep this blog running for a little while, but no too long.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Beginning

That's pretty much all this is at the moment-a start. People (mostly drunken party-goers at my aunts house) have been telling me for years now to start a blog because "It's something every writer should do."

Well, now I've got one and I don't have a clue where I'm going with it, but here are some ideas:

- My father passed away a little over two yers ago and now it's just me and my mother. Since his death we have been doing a lot to make our five-year-old house more...ours. Better furniture, more efficient cleaning methods, putting up curtains, etc. This summer's project is the garden; a fifty by thirty foot patch of utter maddness which we would like to reclaim and start over. I'm not exactly new to gardening, but if I really get invovled in this it would be one hell of a learning expirence, and thus would make a good blogging subject.

-I am in the beginning stages of writing a novel, and while I'm not comfortable posting art online (deviantART has showing me just how many outrageously desperate art thieves there are out there), it would be interesting to keep a blog about the process of writing a novel.

Right now I think I'll combine these two ideas and see which one proves more sucsessful and go from there. Readers, if you exist outside my imagination, which idea sopunds more interesting to you? Of course there will alawys be a few "Writer's Personal Interest" post, but I promise I will try to keep on track.

P.S.: Slowlane is the name my father chose for our new home (he needed an offical name for his horse-training business), and for now it will be the name of my blog until my friends at dA vote on a better one.